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RadioLink M8N GPS SE100

Coming from 13 years of RF experience RadioLink has been able to build this excellent GPS. The SE100 is suitable for use with all the open source flight controllers such as PIX, APM, NAZE32 and so on, making it a versatile all-round GPS.

This module ships with a powerful Ubox UBX-M8030(M8) GPS receiver with a Honeywell HMC5983 digital compass. With high-speed satellite discovery, 20 satellites can be positioned within 6 seconds giving a position accuracy of 500mm.


• Suitable for all the open source flight controller such as PIX, APM, NAZE32 and so on

• 500mm position accuracy with concurrent GNSS, 2500mm with single GNSS

• Positioning 20 satellites in 6 seconds at open ground

• Valley station-keeping ability

• Concurrent reception of GPS/QZSS L1 C/A, GLONASS L10F, BeiDou B1, SBASL1 C/A: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, two GNSS working at the same time

GPS decoder chip: Radiolink M8N GPS, with u-blox UBX-M8030(M8), 72-channel, MMIC BGA715L7 from Infineon, is much better than single GNSS 7N


GPS decoder chip: Radiolink M8N GPS, with u-blox UBX-M8030(M8), 72-channel, MMIC BGA715L7 from Infineon

Geomagnetic: HMC5983 from Honeywell

Antenna: 2.5dbI high gain and selectivity ceramic antenna

Power amplify IC: MMIC BGA715L7 from Infineon

Double Filter: SAWF (Surface acoustic wave filter) form Murata

Positional Accuracy: 0.5m precision when working with concurrent GNSS, 2.5m precision when working with single GNSS

Velocity precision: 0.1m/s

Max height: 50000m

Max speed: 515m/s

Max acceleration: 4G

Max update rate: up to 18Hz

Sensitivity, Tracking & Nav.: -167dBm; Reacquisition: -163dBm; Cold start: -151dBm; Hot start: -159dBm

Time to first fix: Cold start: 26s, Hot start: 1s

Power supply: voltage 5VDC  5%, current 50~55mA

Port A: GPS UART interface, baud rate: 1.2K/4.8K/9.6K/19.2K/38.4K/57.6K/112.5K

Port B: Geomagnetic I2C interface

Size: 49x43x16mm

Weight: 34.9g

Antenna: 300mm

Connect to PIX: 4pin connect to I2C, 6pin connect to GPS

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